IQ Option Celebrates His 7th Birthday

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Stock Market News Featured

In the year 2020 IQ Option has completed seven successful years and has crossed many remarkable milestones. It is now operating in more than 200 countries around the globe and have a vast community of successful user worldwide.

Foundation and Growth

This great journey was started in 2013 when the foundation was laid. People trusted the platform and only in one the number of registered users reach 965,650 and onwards it grew more rapidly. The year 2020 it has blessed us with 48,091,542 registered users from different countries of world. IQ Option Magazine is also launched for sharing data and information.


The year 2014 was the first step towards stability and success. Since than up to 2020 we observe more than 800% enhancement in daily trades while in trading volume there is an increase of 2100% which shows the trust of users. In 2013 its monthly trading volume was only $13 million and now in 2020 it has reached $290 million which is a great success and it is headed towards new boundaries.

Withdrawal Request Processing

Per month withdrawals also provides the measurement of success element and it is observing more than nine times larger number of withdrawal request which are processed successfully. It introduced instant withdrawals in 2016 and as a result gained immediate processing of 68% withdrawal requests. However, 32% request may take longer time for processing for different reasons. So, collectively we can define an average time of 11 hours for processing withdrawal request which is small as compared to other platforms.

Help and Support

To provide excellent work experience to its users, an active help and support is working 24/7. It was started in 2014 with a response time of 2 min in chat. With the passage of time, the response times decreased to 46 sec in 2016 and up to 43 seconds in 2020 which makes the live char more effective. We also handle queries through email service. In 2014, user had to wait 14 hours for email response which is now in 2020 only 20 minutes. All the simple or complicated queries are answered within 20 min through email service.

Support Team

To provide active help and support it started with five team members in 2014. With the increase in number of registered users it increased the support team up to 39 members in 2016 and now in 2020 a team of 79 support members is facilitating the users for their queries.

Order Processing time

For every trading platform order processing time is a significant measure of its performance. The IQ Option is aware of this fact so improve order processing time every year to touch new milestones of performance. Now in 2020 it provides trading services with a 0.6 sec order processing time.

Affiliate Platforms

IQ Option has thousands of affiliates around the globe and still many are waiting to collaborate with IQ Option. In 2014 we had only 3 thousand affiliates and now in 2020 this number has crossed 142 thousand and still increasing. Our affiliates are making more than $3 million profit per month.


The IQ Option has started its journey of success in 2013 and in the past seven years it has crossed many milestones. Great improvements have made to the system to facilitate increasing number of users. Every day a large number of new users and affiliates are joining the forum with confidence. This is a short clip of its journey which was started in 2013. Its just a beginning and a glimpse of future pursuits of IQ Option.

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