10 Steps to Maintain Your Brand’s Employer Reputation through COVID-19

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Business Feature

Now that we’re learning to live with COVID-19, most companies are realizing the importance of employer branding and attracting, retaining and hiring the right kind of talent. As Lori Sylvia, the founder of Rally Recruitment Marketing, puts it, “What happens now will have a lasting effect on your company’s culture”

There’s been a huge impact on Employer branding during COVID-19 and candidates are more concerned than ever about how a company will treat them. If you’re not thinking about it already, you should be concerned about how to manage employer branding now and in the future.

Here are 10 things you should start right away:

  1. Put existing employees first-
    Employer branding begins within the organization. Your existing employees are your biggest advocates (just think about how many new hires are found from employee referral schemes) and you want them to talk about what a great place your company is to work.
    Apart from helping your company’s employer branding during COVID-19, a positive employee experience will improve employee engagement, productivity and motivation.
  2. Involve your employees-
    Your employees need to know about what you’re doing and the benefits for them. Whatever industry your company is operating in, a lot of things must be happening virtually now. Now, more than ever, you need to work on initiatives to improve internal communication and transparency, especially about your efforts to improve your employer branding.
  3. Focus on a common message-
    If you’re not familiar with EVP (Employer Value Proposition), start learning about it. In an unstable global situation, you need to be consistent in the message you send out about your employer brand. Match your employer brand management strategy and EVP to the company’s core values, so all your efforts are aligned.
  4. Revamp your employer branding content-
    The way we communicate has been transformed and your employer branding content needs to be upgraded to keep up. Involve your existing workforce to create digital content that let’s candidates know what to expect and what initiatives you’re taking. This is where involving your employees in the initiatives and internal communication will play a huge role.
  5. Encourage advocacy through social media-
    A whopping 65% of organizations whose employees post on social media regularly found it had a positive impact on their brand recognition. There are many ways of encouraging employees to promote your company online, including monetary incentives, but it’ll only happen if your existing employees see a benefit.
  6. Use your social media presence-
    Most of your potential candidates are going to be looking at your social media pages to see what people, especially current and former employees, have to say about working for your business. Many companies are building their employer brand by sharing inspirational and motivational stories of their employees.
  7. Bridge communications and marketing-
    Keeping open lines of communication about your practices and efforts to manage COVID-19 is one of the most important steps to make your existing employees and candidates feel secure. It’s not just about job-safety anymore; people are just as worried about physical safety as well. Align your marketing and communications departments to better understand the channels of communication needed to assess and address any questions and concerns.
  8. Address negative actions-
    Before the COVID-19 crisis, layoffs caused huge outcry. Now, everyone knows that the global epidemic has caused companies to take extreme steps. Reviews on Glassdoor mentioning layoffs have increased by over 70%, but you can still improve your employer brand. It’s not about whether you’ve had to lay off employees; it’s about treating exit interviews and communicating termination delicately.
  9. Leverage your diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts-
    7 of 10 potential employees are likely evaluating your company’s efforts towards D&I, so these should take the center stage in social media posts and job listings. Considering the current Black Lives Matter movement, you could release some statements on your hiring pages to show solidarity and highlight your commitment to being an equal opportunity workplace.
  10. Offer COVID-19-friendly benefits-
    Perks have always been a great way of increasing employee satisfaction and attracting candidates, but things have changed. People are more worried about having a great health-care package or insurance, rather than a beer-pong table or a gym in the office. Flexible work-hours and paid sick leave are likely more attractive to today’s job seekers too.

The pandemic may be slowing down, but the effects are far from over. Businesses are going to have to adapt to this unprecedented ecology, and hiring and retaining the best talent may well be the differentiator that can make-it or break-it. While employer branding might not be something you’re given a lot of thought to, it’s going to be extremely important in the coming days.


Author Bio:

Kelly Barcelos is a content marketing manager for Jobsoid and specializes in HR. When Kelly is not building marketing campaigns, she is busy creating content to help people hire better. She shares tips, industry insights, innovations and several other topics that helps a wide variety of audience in their hiring efforts. As a working mom of three, she knows the importance of time management and counts on her multitasking ability to get her through her to-do lists.

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