Lidar stands for “light radar.” It emits lasers and measure distance by determining how quickly the lasers come back to their origin after hitting objects. According to Wired, “Because lidar sees in much greater detail than radar, it could make … cars capable enough to drive without that constant supervision.” That probably explains why lidar is now considered an essential component of autonomous vehicles and lidar stocks are getting attention.

And with many automakers, including Ford (NYSE:F), GM (NYSE:GM), BMW (OTC:BMWYY), and Honda (NYSE:HMC), intensively looking to roll out autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles, lidar is becoming increasingly lucrative. Moreover, noting that major auto equipment makers Bosch and Valeo (OTC:VLEEY) started to develop lidar, arsTechnica recently proclaimed, “Lidar sensors are about to become a mainstream car

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