Today, mutuals and insurance companies have realized the vital importance of having accredited professionals in investigation and criminology to be able to carry out their jobs safely.

If we stick to what a private detective agency does most today, we will see that fraud and the business world are the ones that bring together the most of the demand. There are still many individuals who come to us to resolve certain family or couple conflicts, such as the investigation of evidence of infidelity or declarations of insolvency of spouses in divorce and custody proceedings, but the bulk of the tasks are already focused on clarifying deception , locate defaulters and uncover large-scale fraud in companies.

Investigating false accidents in the workplace to deceive mutual and insurance companies is the order of the day. There are daily situations that cry out to heaven and that, if they were ignored, would mean the loss of billions of dollars. Another issue that is analyzed and pursued is the feigned casualties of workers within companies that, more often than one might believe, are confirmed as a scam.

The bad thing about these realities that continue to be isolated within the common of the working class is that suspicion is opened for each and every one of those who are part of a staff. Which hurts trust within the company and weighs on business. Eradicating it in time is the best way to combat it.

But the role of the detective or private investigator in today’s world is not limited only to these questions. There is also a lot of work between books, reports and official documentation looking for evidence that shows ownership, and family ties such as inheritance cases, missing relatives, unproven paternity, etc.

For this, what a private investigator focuses on doing is field work and documentary work: the objective is to obtain information to be able to provide the client with clear evidence about the behaviors or realities of other people. The usual areas are: economic and financial, labor, commercial, personal and family life.

Private detectives are also in charge of investigating so-called “prosecutable crimes” (semi-public and private) as long as it is at the request of the legitimate party in the criminal process. Some common regular clients are prestigious law firms. Perfectionist professionals who know that in order to properly tie a trial and achieve the objectives set by the Justice it is vital to have legal evidence, incontestable evidence and firm testimonies that are not always achieved in the general investigation.

These crimes in which a detective can intervene as an investigator are:

– Abuses, sexual harassment or assaults of various kinds. As well as threats and insults and even coercion.
– The disclosure of secret information by different sources.
– Situations in which the legal assistance duties of guardianship, custody or foster care are not fulfilled.
– Cases in which assisted reproduction is performed on a woman without prior consent.
– Non-payment of fees and benefits to children or spouses ruled by a judge.
– Damages for serious negligence can also be investigated.
– It also includes all crimes related to intellectual property, industrial property, markets and the sphere of consumers.

It can be concluded that a private investigator has a very broad scope of work.