CBD Is Increasing Popularity: Here’s Why

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Health Featured

First and foremost, it is important to make a clear distinction between cannabis and CBD. The last one is a product that can be used in various ways, with little to no side effects. This is very different from the consumption of cannabis, that comes with several negative effects. The consumption is already harmful, as it is mostly done through smoking or vaporizing. But the most important different is the presence of THC. This psychoactive substance changes your behaviour and is often undesirable in medical use cases. This makes CBD a superior product that can be used in multiple ways and for multiple reasons.

What is the difference from cannabis?

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant through innovative extraction methods. The most general method used is with chemicals. By adding chemicals to the plant, the oil is extracted. After the extraction took place, the chemicals are being filtered out of the product. Although most of the chemicals are filtered out, some of it remains (in very small substances). Therefore, it can also be seen as a low-quality variation of CBD. Then what makes a high-quality product?

CBD can also be extracted using CO2. This method does not add any chemicals to the product, resulting in a clean oil. As this is a pure version of the oil, you can expect that it comes with a price tag. This is something to consider when selecting CBD for you.

How it can be consumed

There are multiple ways you can consume the oil. Lots of people enjoy it by adding the oil to their meals. There are even special recipes available on the Internet that can help you make innovative meals. Other people like to add it to their drinks, which is also a nice option. You can even decide to bake a cake or cup cakes, which can help to improve your dose intake.

CBD capsules

As the dosages do matter (it is good to have the same dose every time), it makes sense to create a tailored product. This is how CBD capsules entered the market. These capsules help you to regulate your intake and can be consumed with water. More people turn to this type of product as it becomes as easy as taking vitamins.

Why decide to use CBD anyways?

There are many potential reasons to consider the oil. First and foremost, it helps against restlessness. It can help people to focus, concentrate on what matters. Improved sleep can be a positive side-effect for many as well. When it comes to medical usage, there is still research being conducted within the field. Where cannabis can help alleviate pain, researchers are looking into the best options for the use of CBD. More will become clear in the coming years as multi-year studies are being carried out.

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