Employee Engagement Is As Important As Your Core Business

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Business Feature

While the title can be disputed, we cannot stress enough the value of employee engagement. Having engaged employees shows to increase your profits and also create a better culture. Actually, having the right culture is at the heart of what business needs. We see this happening at the larger companies, such as Google and Apple. The reason for their success? By having the right culture, they are able to hire the right talent. This, in turn, drives their innovation power and competitiveness in the market.

Employees at the heart of your business

When offices were still a thing (it is 2021 by now…), it was easier to create enthusiasm across the workforce. Physical events helped to foster the engagement and create a unified atmosphere among all workers. However, with most people now working from, employee engagement has become a bit harder. How can companies ensure that people still feel engaged with their work? There are multiple actions and strategies a company can take. Before starting with these, it is important to understand the current state. How can we do this? Through a detailed assessment of course.

Assessing the business

To get a grasp of how employees feel, it comes in handy to conduct an assessment. Multiple options are possible. For example, you can leverage managers of teams to conduct interviews with members. How are they feeling? What are they missing in the current way of working? When having honest 1-to-1 conversations, managers can retrieve lots of valuable insights. If you want to have a more holistic approach to employee engagement, you can decide to leverage surveys.

Surveys across the organisation

Surveys can be send out to all parts of the business en masse. The advantage? You get a complete overview of the organisation. You can see which teams are dissatisfied or who are happy with the current stance. Based on this, you can follow-up with them to see what this actually means. For example, if there is a very positive team you can find out why this is the case. Are they having a daily check-in meeting? Do they have better communication compared to other teams? These insights can be very valuable to execute your strategy.

Special surveys in times of a pandemic

With the pandemic forcing people to work from home, it is relevant to create understanding. How to do this in an effective manner? Regular surveys could not help to the extent that we want them to. Luckily there are employee engagement organisations that created specialised surveys for this situation. This helps you to create understanding and leverage the analytics to develop a strategy. One of the leaders in the field of engagement and these surveys is https://www.effectory.com/. The company has developed multiple approach to increase engagement across all types and sizes of companies across the globe.

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