CBD is a phenomenon that has come about mostly from its legalization in the west over the past decade. With no psychoactive element and stacked full of health benefit claims, CBD has grown rapidly in popularity. Because of this demand, supply has been expanded to cover all bases – here are the five main CBD products.

Before starting, it must be cleared up that CBD tinctures are different from CBD oil. We’ll be referring to CBD oil in this article, not tinctures which are a weaker form that has more secondary ingredients like water and herbs. The best CBD oil in USA, on the other hand, will contain no such additives.

CBD oil

CBD in its oil form can be viewed as the default version of the product, seeing as it’s the most common. Usually, it’s made up of CBD, coconut oil, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin base, and hemp seed oil

When CBD comes in this form, it comes with a pipet that you catch the oil and place on the tongue to dissolve. The above-combined oil mixture helps absorb the CBD, making it more effective.

CBD edibles

If CBD can be consumed orally, why would it stop at just being an oil? CBD is now being integrated into various fun ways of consumption, with a popular one being gummies – a fruity, sweet style product. However, it also comes in the form of chocolate, chewing gum, and various other snack foods too.

Whilst these are a little harder to gauge how much CBD you’re consuming, they’re easier for on-the-go consumption and taste a lot nicer.

CBD vaporizers

CBD vaping is the consumption of CBD bud through an e-liquid that when heated, turns into vapor and can be consumed by inhaling into the lungs. Whilst often referred to as CBD vape oil, it isn’t actually oil – and certainly isn’t the same stuff as mentioned above.

The benefit of CBD vaporizers is that consumption is not only fast, but the effects are faster too. This is because they’re more bioavailable but also taste better which is also a bonus. Generally, this form of CBD is a little more expensive than CBD oil.

CBD creams

Given that many of CBD’s benefits are related to anti-inflammatory, acne prevention, and so on, it was only a matter of time before a CBD cream was created. These creams often contain other products and benefits, so it’s not just CBD and nothing. This may be good or bad depending on the customer’s specific needs and allergies.

Being applied to the skin, the skin absorbs the CBD and it takes effect in arguably a more localized way.

CBD capsules

CBD capsules are exactly what they sound like – CBD in a casing that can be swallowed. The benefit of this is that it’s much faster to consume than CBD oil, which must be held on the tongue for a minute or two, and will also mitigate the bad taste. CBD capsules are ideal for those that already have a daily routine of taking vitamins.