Meanwhile, DOE’s new solar cost goal is a key step towards making solar—which is already one of the most affordable forms of renewable energy—even cheaper, and therefore even easier for Americans to take advantage of. That starts by funding projects that explore new and advanced solar technologies, so we can speed up their deployment.  

DOE is also committed to doing its part to ensure that more Americans have access to these rewarding careers and research opportunities, which is why we’re requiring applicants to also submit plans to increase the participation of underrepresented groups on their teams.  

Within days of these announcements, the Biden-Harris Administration announced another massive, historic investment in our planet and our people: $2 trillion for millions of jobs and modern, resilient infrastructure in the American Jobs Plan. This, too, will have a dramatic impact on the climate crisis, by: 

Directing an unprecedented amount of resources to build infrastructure that can withstand the effects of the climate crisis;  Deploying clean energy technologies at

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