Shopping for groceries is an essential part of our lives, which can actually take a lot of time or become inaccessible in some situations. Whether you are running late, it is difficult for you to shop physically, or you simply do not want to leave your house on weekend, Grocemania offers same day delivery groceries for you. Grocery delivery in London, other UK cities, or even countries like Russia, Korea, and Kazakhstan has become so much faster and easier. You do not have to look up “grocery delivery near me” anymore, as Grocemania brings all reliable local grocery retailers together into one convenient network.

Ordering Groceries with Grocemania

Grocemania ( is a modern grocery delivery service in the UK and some other countries, which continues to grow and improve constantly. In the current situation of the pandemic, food and product delivery has become even more demanded and useful. This service has gained customer trust thanks to its reliable and convenient features. Some of the advantages of ordering with Grocemania are:

  • Swift delivery. With this service, you can get same day delivery groceries any day of the week. Your groceries can be delivered not only within the same day from your request but even in thirty minutes from finalizing the order. In case you need some products as soon as possible to start cooking, this is the perfect option.
  • No lowest order. You are free to order either a single item or a full grocery list; there are no limitations. The only difference is the delivery fee, which is £2,50 for orders over 10 pounds and £5,40 in case your order is less than 10 pounds.
  • Convenient application. You can use either a website or a handy app for ordering groceries. With the app, it is easy to track your order at all stages and know exactly when to expect a courier at your doorstep.

Regular customers also receive discounts for easier shopping.