The COVID-19 pandemic has strongly affected the way people celebrate important milestones, especially with regards to relationships. In the last year, the global plague changed how people do not just the wedding event in itself but also the wedding proposal to start with.

But the love between couples has not been stalled. Engagements and weddings continued throughout the difficult 2020, although there were significant changes in planning the moments and getting things done.

If you want to be part of the successful pandemic proposals, you need to adapt to this new norm. Since the virus contagion has not passed, you should plan to pop the question in style while keeping with the safety health measures.

Ask for engagement blessings virtually

Before planning the engagement, you would need to let your partner’s family know about it and ask for a blessing. This can now be done virtually, whether via a phone call or through online platforms like email, FaceTime, and the like. Traveling and in-person contact is highly discouraged.

Be creative

The impact of the pandemic on marriage proposals is linked to the strict health protocols imposed. They added several considerations to the already elaborate planning. As a result, couples are stressed, especially the one on the planning end.

But you should not be. If you are planning a proposal, it would be helpful to maintain a positive mindset. Use the limitations of the pandemic to be creative. You may not be able to stage the event with your family and friends in attendance but you can always focus on making it more meaningful for you and your loved one.

Think about popping the question even when you and your partner are alone over dinner or a picnic outdoors. Find the perfect time and the perfect ring. That’s all that matters.

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Skip the post-engagement celebration

After the engagement, you can simply savor the moment with your partner. The official announcement is an occasion your family and close friends are likely looking forward to but you can skip it altogether or just hold it virtually to keep everyone safe.

Have a small but memorable wedding

Some couples would like to wait until after the pandemic so they can have their dream wedding in full blast. But others choose to make do with the current situation and simply plan their wedding around it. The latter seems to be a better choice. Yes, destination weddings are completely out of the picture but that does not mean you cannot find a scenic location to use as a backdrop for your milestone and make it memorable.

For a lot of people, this time may not be high time to plan a proposal and a wedding. But both are doable, as long as you stay positive. Look at the brighter side of things and be creative at staging these important events in your life. Your focus should be on keeping it memorable, albeit small.