In one study,1 researchers used multidimensional (threat vs deprivation) assessments of child maltreatment (CM) to determine whether COVID-19–related stress intensified the established association between maltreatment (abuse vs neglect) and sleep problems among youth.

“The COVID-19 pandemic introduces new psychosocial stressors, which may be particularly harmful to youth already experiencing stress in the home environment,” the authors wrote.

Data were gleaned from 126 youth aged approximately 13 years between January 2019 and March 2020 (T1) and after the pandemic’s onset in May of 2020 (T2). COVID-19–related stress was assessed via 3 questions regarding negative changes, uncertainty about the future, and stress induced from disruptions. The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index were used to measure CM and sleep-related problems, respectively.

Results showed:

Threat-related abuse was significantly associated with

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