What Can You Use a VPN For?

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Technology Featured

A VPN or a virtual private network is a service that masks your internet protocol address making your online steps untraceable. It is a way to establish an encrypted, secure connection that provides privacy. If you care about your online safety and freedom, then you should be using such a service. It protects your data from the government, hackers, and even from malware. It lets you browse the internet and open sites that are unavailable for your region.

The VPN market is saturated. When considering this kind of service, it is best to make a list of your needs before you go shopping. If you are not sure about what kind of things you can use this service for, we’ll give you some ideas below.

To Play at Online Casinos

If you’ve had experience playing at some of the best online casinos, then you know that these platforms restrict access to users from specific parts of the world. Their gaming license and laws dictate to whom they can offer gaming services. You can side-step this restriction using VPN and gain access to thousands of advanced online casino games. On top of this, these sites provide a ton of perks such as welcome bonuses, different kinds of promotions, cashback deals, and they even reward loyalty. The best casino bonus will even provide you with free play and next-level entertainment.

To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

An option few know. Websites that sell flights use cookies to track you. Based on these cookies, your IP address, what kind of computer you are accessing their site from, they offer prices that they deem suitable for you. Some dispute this, but you can test it out for yourself. Many users claim that by using a VPN they’ve managed to get better deals on flights. The sums they manage to save may not have been sizable, but it all adds up.

Streaming Blocked Content

Streaming services cater to specific audiences and may buy a movie that they are allowed to make available only for clients from a specific region. This irks customers, as you could be watching your favourite show at home, and then as you go abroad, the service will not allow you to finish the series from that location. VPNs stimulate a location that lets you watch restricted videos for users from that country.

Considering the fact that these services are taking over the world, many people want to gain access to the quality content that they provide and as is mentioned above, VPNs can provide you with just that – you will gain access to everything that you want to watch.

Anonymous Downloads

The act of torrenting or peer-to-peer downloading is not illegal. You can share content with whomever you want online. However, you cannot share copyrighted content. You can also download open source software legally. If you do not want your download activity tracked, you can use a VPN.

Users are afraid that their data, what they download and browse, can get in the hands of authorities, or that third parties can buy this information for nefarious purposes. Therefore, users turn to VPN as a solution to this problem.

The VPN provides them with freedom as it is very hard to track them. The best part about VPNs is that they are legal in most countries, so all that users have to do is download them and learn how to use them. After they have set it up, they will be free to browse the Internet in a much safer manner.

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