Succeeding as a media manager takes excellent communication skills and a good understanding of people. After all, the job is ultimately to reach consumers and persuade them about the value of a product or organization.

But what other personal qualities are needed for career success? Let’s take a look.

Background: What Media Managers Do

Media managers are communication experts who, on behalf of their employer or client, develop and publish content for multiple media and social platforms. The job involves researching, creating and editing media content, managing media campaigns, and doing public relations and communication planning.

Media managers take on many marketing job roles, including advertising, brand manager, content creator, digital marketing manager and social media manager.

To get a start in this field, you may benefit from a communications or similar degree or by doing a business degree with a marketing major. Training courses in social media or digital marketing are also useful to get on top of the latest online trends. If you want to start a consultancy firm, an MBA degree with a marketing major could be a good option.

Willing to Accept Responsibility for Complex Projects

When you’re the media manager, your role is all-encompassing. You have to oversee the smooth flow of media campaigns while also making sure that team members are productive and the project is profitable.

Of course, these tasks are easier said than done. Media managers are required to be on top of each aspect of the project’s operation. They need to anticipate public reactions and quickly respond to feedback.

It can even be more challenging if everyone in the team lives and works in different time zones. The media manager needs to be virtually present at all times. Also, if the company you’re working for believes in micro-management, then congratulations! You’ve successfully set yourself up for ongoing pressure.

Lifelong Learner

To keep up with technology and new strategies, it’s best to keep an open mind that is ready and willing to learn new things. Never put yourself in a box and limit what you can do to your existing skillset. Social media is an area that’s constantly evolving and requires a certain level of lateral thinking to keep pace.

If for instance, you’re a media manager for a new and challenging industry like healthcare or tech, make it a habit to learn the ropes. Remember, there’s nothing in this world that can’t be learned by a person who knows how to read.

Despite the demanding nature of the role, the role of the media manager can be equally satisfying. You can see the fruits of your labor flourish with a strong and growing media presence for your company and/or product.

Able to Learn New Systems Quickly

It can be easier if you join a company and you start setting up processes and plan how to make things work. This setup gives you a clear picture of how the entire operation runs, so it’s easy to manage the media campaign and the people working under it.

This is not the case most of the time however. More often than not, you join a team or a company that already has an existing system and ways of working. Media is a big field and your predecessors could easily be active in areas that you’re relatively unfamiliar with.

If you’re a new media manager, it’s expected that you learn all these things fast. You have to double your effort in making sure that you understand the processes and how the project should proceed.

To survive in a new workplace with a new system you have to master, the best thing to do is to grab every opportunity to learn. Be very aggressive and proactive. Ask questions and clarifications when things are not clear. Picture the process in your mind and piece tasks together to create a clear mental picture of the working system.

Plus, it would really work if you understand the purpose of each campaign or project part. If you only understand the idea and logic behind a media campaign or a procedure, it will make sense. The whole system won’t be that overwhelming to master anymore because you get how it works.

Is Productive When Working Online

Media management in traditional workplaces where people and colleagues meet face-to-face may be challenging but is more manageable compared to media management in a remote workplace setting. With media so orientated towards digital and social media, a high percentage of time is spent interacting with your computer or phone.

The intricacies of the role, on top of the geographical and physical challenges, requires good discipline and work habits for sustained success. With social media for example, getting good business results is what you need to constantly aim for. Attracting likes and shares can make a media manager feel good but that doesn’t necessarily translate into higher profitability.

Able to Handle Pressure Over the Long Run

If you’re always on top of everything, it’s not surprising that you may suffer from burn out in the long run. Especially in media management, the stress of the job might take its toll on you. If that happens, it’s important to know when to step back and refresh.

Take control of the projects and the team you’re working with but also know when to delegate and trust the people around you. If you’re physically, mentally, and psychologically well, you can achieve more.

Media management may not be for everyone and it may be difficult to excel in the role. But, with a positive attitude, the right skill-set, and the boldness to learn and relearn, you can have an exciting and enduring career.