TOKYO – The more you learn about American Richard Torrez Jr., the more you might be wondering why he’ll be in the boxing ring.  

On Saturday, in a quarterfinal bout, he’ll face Dainier Pero, a 6-3½ Cuban. Torrez, who at 6-1 and 200 pounds is among the smallest boxers in the superheavyweight division at the Olympics, knows the drill. 

“The ref will call you to the center of the ring and you’ll touch gloves, and usually I have to touch gloves above my head now,’’ Torrez said. “It’s definitely an experience.’’ 

It’s an experience if you run into Torrez. An amateur magician, he said he’s been taking a deck of cards with him while walking around the Olympic Village. 

“I just learned a new magic trick,’’ he said.

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