Breaking Down The Most Important Social Media Moments

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Entertainment Feature

Over the years, social media has grown significantly. Today, people around the world use social media for numerous reasons. Some use it for work, but others use social media to stay in touch with friends and family members. In addition to this, social media was home to some very important moments in history. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are quickly shaping the world. What are some of the most notable social media moments? Readers will find out in the guide below.

TikTok Arrives In 2020

Social media has changed significantly over the years. Today, TikTok is one of the most popular social networks. It allows users to share short video clips with their friends and strangers around the world. However, it wasn’t always like this. At one time, nobody had heard of this popular social network. That all changed in 2020 when TikTok became a household name. In March of 2020, the app was downloaded on Google Play and Apple’s App Store nearly 115 million times. It broke the record for being the most downloaded app in any quarter. Since then, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media networks in the world.

People around the world use it to share short clips of themselves and their friends.

Brands Are Broadcasters

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world were forced to close their doors. Suffice to say, these businesses found themselves in serious situations. If they didn’t adapt to the times, they would die. Many businesses survived by taking advantage of social media. When they close their doors, they opened themselves up to social media. Instagram Live allowed these brands to interact with their customers, show off their latest products, and give tours of their facilities. Thanks to the shutdown, Facebook Live and Instagram experienced a 40% increase in usage in one week.

There is a good chance that this trend is going to continue. Many businesses have decided to use the latest Spotify Reseller Panel to establish themselves and reach more people.

The Stories Feature

Since so many people have been staying at home, social media has become an outlet for many. They use Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other networks to interact with others. They’ve also using these networks to tell stories. In 2020, most major social media platforms launched a stories feature. The feature has become immensely important for all social networks today. In 2020, the world was shocked when Twitter launched Fleets, Pinterest launched Story Pins, and LinkedIn launched its Stories feature. Suffice to say, the feature has proven to be a hit among consumers.

Therefore, more people are interested in using it. Thankfully, the feature is available on all major social media networks.

The Tiger King

The world has experienced many amazing social media moments. Nevertheless, it is hard to beat the release of Netflix’s documentary Tiger King. As soon as the documentary was released, people on social media went ballistic. In just 10 days on Twitter, there were 1.8 million organic interactions linked to the documentary. The documentary focuses on the flamboyant Tiger King, and he connected with many people as a result, he managed to become a household name. People on social media joined in on the fun. Ultimately, social media helped Netflix turn Tiger King into one of its most successful documentaries in recent years.

Shopping On Social Media

With the global COVID-19 shut down, businesses were left scrambling. They had to search long and hard for a potential solution. Today, many are selling products on social networks. In the last year, Instagram launched its new Shop tab. Plus, it offers shoppable guides, IGTV Shopping, and more. Plus, American businesses now have access to Instagram’s Checkout feature. Since stores were shut, social media filled the gap. There is a good chance that this trend will continue since so many people use social media to browse for products online.

Rupert Grint

Finally, it is hard to ignore the impressive feat that Rupert Grint pulled off in 2020. The Harry Potter star set a record when he reached 1 million followers on Instagram. He did it so quickly that he now holds the record. He managed to stop follow British star, David Attenborough. Suffice to say, social media has been good to both men.

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