Anti-vaxxers meet ARMY.

ARMY consists of millions of BTS fans, or should we say stans. And they’ve got a new hashtag, #ARMYvaccinatedtoo, about Covid-19 vaccines. Now, any ARMY hashtag is like putting avocado on anything. It’s got a really good chance of being quite formidable. So it wasn’t too surprising when, as of 9 pm today, #ARMYvaccinatedtoo was already topping Twitter’s trending in United States list with 24.6K tweets, easily outdistancing words like “Novocain.”

The hashtag emerged after BTS, the OMG-famous K-pop group, spoke at the United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly today. Yes, it was basically an U.N.-believable appearance. There, BTS member J-Hope said to the Assembly, “Some of you heard the news that we were coming to the U.N. and a lot

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