True confession: I have never seen a “Chucky” movie. My loss, I know. I just never have developed a taste for the wisecracking serial killing slasher doll genre. In fact, the whole homicidal-slasher-as-quipster thing also leaves me a bit cold. Having watched “Nightmare on Elm Street, Part III” in a theater full of screaming people back in the day, I can say I’m set for a lifetime.

But while we’re trading in personal admissions, I’m willing to let my dear readers in on another little secret. Columns are easier to write, and shows easier to assess, when you have a screener to review.

The powers-that-be chose not to make any episodes of the new serialized “Chucky” (9 p.m., Syfy, USA, TV-MA) available. That generally indicates a

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