Moving sports equipment to long distances!

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Health Featured

These days, having gym equipment at home becomes very popular. People are paying more attention to their health and fitness. If you have decided to relocate and looking for tips to pack and move sports equipment then here you will get to know about the right techniques. Relocating sports equipment requires special handling and special attention else it could damage an expensive piece of equipment and can cause injury. The best way to do it is by hiring one of the best cross country movers from the network of Pricing Van Lines. If you are not flexible enough with your budget then you can also move these by yourself. Make sure you take proper precautions not just to send items safe but also to keep yourself protected. Have a look at the several steps to ensure a successful relocation.

  1. Prepare a strategy at first

There is nothing worse in the entire relocation process than packing and moving the fragile and heavy sports equipment and an individual can’t do it without having a proper strategy. Having a good plan is a must. You should have a proper plan for everything from packing strategy to require packing supplies to the complete list of costs.

  1. Ensure that all the gym equipment is germ-free 

Before transportation, it is important to sanitize and clean gym items properly. Even when all the equipment seems dirt and debris free and clean still there are germs present on these. It is because of the sweat present on these tools. If you sanitize the equipment properly then you don’t need to bring sweat and bacteria

  1. Purge out items 

Make sure everything is working when sorting our items. You should get rid of all those things which you won’t use in the future. Your relocation will be very easier if you have less equipment to move and you don’t waste your time with the items which you are not going to use. Purging out items won’t only make your move easier but also less expensive. Also, if you have old equipment then instead of spending money on relocating it, it is better to buy the new one.

  1. Addressing the specific gym equipment 

Now, here you will find out the specific details of moving the different sports items.

Yoga mats

Transporting the yoga mats is quite easier. To pack these, you need to get a large box as per the size of mats, towels present in your gym. Before packing these, wash towels and blankets and wipe the yoga mats. Usually, these items are not so heavyweight so you don’t have to pack these into smaller boxes. If you want to save space then roll up all the yoga mats before packing.


The biggest challenge in transporting all the sports equipment is the treadmill. This is because of its large size, bulkiness, and heavyweight. This is a proper workout. First of all, prepare it for transportation by wiping away all the dirt, debris and unplugging the machine. Though it is recommended you not to take the risk by yourself because this is quite a tough job to do and it could also put your life at risk. Professionals can do it with ease with their expertise so you don’t have to worry about anything then. To do this, fold your treadmill up and lock it into place while keeping it in the upright position. Then you should wrap it using the moving blankets so that it can stay safe and protected during transportation. As the treadmill is very heavy so it is better to have some sort of dollies to move it.

Hand weights and barbells

Pick the right cardboard boxes to pack that is capable of holding their weight. Also, use small cardboard boxes so that you can lift the items. Once you find the sturdy boxes then it is time to wrap these into bubble wrap. Double or triple wrapping with bubble wrap is great to send items with complete safety. Also ensure that there is no remaining spaces in the boxes and the items are completely fit and don’t find any space to move during transportation.

Pay attention to your safety

You should consider your protection as your primary safety. As you are going to lift several heavy items with the help of your legs, arms, and shoulders. You should not bend your back during transportation else it can cause back strain or any other injury. It is recommended you wear comfortable clothes and shoes on a moving day because this is the day which includes numerous numbers of tasks to do.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Having a gym at home is lucky as you can pay more attention to your fitness then. But when it comes to relocating, this becomes a problem. Hiring professionals to do the job is the best way to move it but if you can’t hire movers then you can use the above guide to complete the transportation by yourself.

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