If you’re interested in an HR career, you have many possibilities for your first role. You could recruit and hire, manage budgets and timelines, and offer logistical and technical support.

Careers in human resources feature several diverse skill sets such as recruiting and hiring, managing budgets and timelines, logistics, and technical support.

As you review the possibilities detailed below, consider your current skills and preferences for work settings to determine which role is best for you.

How to land an entry-level human resources job

Most entry-level human resources positions require an associate or bachelor’s human resources degree, HR-related degree, or HR certification.

Many HR professionals join the profession by networking within the company where they currently work to achieve an entry-level role through internal hiring processes.

Graduates should tailor their resumes to each job description and highlight collaboration talent, leadership experience, and problem-solving abilities. 

Networking with HR professionals on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can strengthen business

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