How to Keep Your Newborn Healthy and Growing

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Health Featured

When bringing home your newborn for the first time, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with thoughts. One of the most common concerns for moms is making sure their newborn is growing properly.

We’re here to help! Let’s take a look at some of the ways to promote positive growth for your child.

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is highly encouraged as the primary means of nutrition for infants. Breast milk is the ultimate way to provide antibodies to the baby, as well as to build their immune system.

Some mothers have difficulty when it comes to breastfeeding. Having issues breastfeeding is no one’s fault. Sometimes there are issues that need a little extra assistance. Thankfully there are lactation specialists who can offer a lot of support.

  1. Avoid Overuse of a Humidifier

Dry air isn’t the best for breathing. However, neither is overly humid air. If you use a humidifier in your home, try to limit its use. Excess moisture in the air could lead to mold or congestion.

  1. Dress Your Child Appropriately

Newborns will need to be kept a little warmer. However, you don’t want them to have too many layers. Overdressing them could lead to excessive sweatiness, which could result in dehydration.

Try to find a good balance, based on the temperature. If you’re uncertain, speak with your pediatrician for some extra guidance.

  1. Keep Hand Sanitizer Close By

It’s an exciting time when a newborn comes home. Friends and family members will want to come by and see them. A helpful tip is to ensure that there is always hand sanitizer nearby. Make sure hands are properly cleaned before allowing them to hold the baby.

  1. Learn About Allergies

It’s important to remember that babies shouldn’t have gluten up to six months of age. If you decide to switch to baby formula, make sure you’re using a formula that is gluten-free as well.

Gluten allergies will show up two or three weeks after ingestion. It can show up in the form of digestion issues, lack of weight gain, anxiety, or even poor sleep. Talk to your doctor if you think your child might be developing an allergy.

  1. Remove Shoes at the Door

Another great tip to promote cleanliness is to make everyone take their shoes off at the door. Your child may be on the floor while they learn to navigate the world. Any extra dirt and pollutants that are brought into the house could be dangerous for the child.

  1. Teach Older Children in the House

Having a newborn come into the house may not be your first time. You may have older children that are excited to meet their new brother or sister. It’s important to start teaching your older children about some of these same cleanliness and safety measures.

  1. Check the Home for Hazards

Before the baby comes home, it’s best to assess the entire house. See what potential hazards could come up. This could be as simple as cleaning up smaller items from the floor and softening rough or pointy corners.


Maintaining a newborn’s health is more than worrying about their body temperature. It’s also about the health and safety of others who come into contact with them.

Prepare the house as much as you can and don’t be afraid to over-communicate the need for handwashing before holding the child. It’s your child’s precious life and it’s okay to go above and beyond with safety measures as you see fit.

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