DAYTON — Ohio’s Hospice is offering its Hospice and Palliative Medicine Core Conference Education Series to the medical community.

The series is offered virtually on Thursdays at 2 p.m. through Microsoft Teams, bringing together leading experts in the region.

Physicians, fellows and medical students will share medical knowledge related to hospice and palliative medicine.

Ohio’s Hospice is offering this series to help healthcare professionals stay informed about trending topics and remain up to date on the latest research in hospice and palliative medicine. Healthcare professionals throughout the region are invited to attend the sessions.

Here are the upcoming sessions for January through March 2022:

Jan. 6 Top 10 Things My Dying Patients Taught Me

Jan. 13 Death Certificate

Jan. 20 Role of the Physician in Home WOLST/WOLST Overview/Medications for WOLST

Jan. 27 Nontheism

Feb. 3 Akathisia/Phenothiazine Toxicity/Anticholinergic Syndrome

Feb. 10 Sudden Death/Traumatic Death/Suicide

Feb. 17 Oncology Emergencies Workshop (live)

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