16 Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Denver

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Travel

Denver has become a popular tourist destination thanks to its rich cultural history, thriving brewery scene, stunning parks and more. But visitors to the Mile High City don’t always know how to get the proper experience ― and many make their fair share of missteps. We asked Denver locals to share some of the faux pas they’ve observed. From packing the wrong outfits to underestimating the effects of the high altitude, here are 16 mistakes tourists often make while visiting Denver ― and some advice for avoiding these errors during your travels.AdvertisementSpending all your time indoors“Don’t stay indoors, opt to go outside. We love our outdoors and you will, too. Hop in on a game of volleyball at Wash Park (Washington Park), or play a round of golf at one of the many courses throughout the city. There is something for everyone. So before you book a museum each day, consider a day outside.” ― Breanna Phippen, blogger at Bites with BreNot taking the altitude seriously“Don’t underestimate Denver’s altitude. Denver has an elevation of 5,280 feet, making us closer to the sun. Your body will need time to adjust to the altitude, which will affect working out, hiking and drinking. Make sure to pace yourself, stay extra hydrated, wear sunscreen and know that headaches and nosebleeds can happen while visiting the Mile High City.” ― Jamie Lee, blogger at The Denver HousewifeAdvertisement“Book yourself a float tank, IV therapy or both. Your body will thank you. The altitude is no joke and can affect anyone. Sip your adult beverages slowly and don’t expect to hit any personal records in your fitness.” ― PhippenGoing out without layers“Going out in the late afternoon without layers is a mistake when traveling in Colorado, particularly in the early spring and late fall. The air feels much warmer than the outside temperature from the sun, so you’ll be comfortable wearing a short sleeve or tank. However, as soon as the sun goes down over the mountains, it instantly feels much colder and you’ll want a jacket.” ― Shelby Elmore, a marketing professional“Denver is known for its uncertain weather. We can often see all four seasons in a day or week. Pack layers for your trip since it can snow until the middle of May, and heavy afternoon downpours and hailstorms are normal during summer afternoons. Wear comfortable shoes, hats, sunscreen and layers because you never know how the weather will change during the day.” ― LeeAdvertisementWearing uncomfortable footwear“Consider your footwear. Ditch the dress shoes or high heels for Birkenstocks and gym shoes. We appreciate the laid-back style, and the majority of bars, restaurants and even clubs require casual for their dress code.” ― PhippenDisregarding cyclists“Share the road. We are a bicycle-friendly community. Road cyclists will always choose the bike lane, but remember they have the right to the full car lane. It’s also easier to get around the city by bike, scooter or foot, so ditch the car rental.” ― PhippenBrad McGinley Photography via Getty ImagesThe Mile High City has plenty to offer if you do things right.Missing out on hidden gems“The biggest m …

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