Discover the Best Sources for Word Counting in 2022

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Education Feature

The year is 2022, which means that we are fully immersed in the online world.

A large majority of our life revolves around a computer. That includes education, work and fun. This also means that our writing has largely gone digital. Long gone are the days when you write your material on pen and paper or a typewriter.

Instead, you get your words out there through being a keyboard warrior. This has opened up a whole new world to writing, specifically around our ability to really master a school assignment, a work assignment or simply progress our writing abilities.

One revolutionary tool that the online world of writing has welcomed is the ability to count words quickly and efficiently. With tools like The Word Counter, it has never been easier to stay within the limit of a word count or character count.

This is a huge time saver, because who has time to painstakingly count each individual word yourself anymore? Now, you can keep track as you continue to write and have the ability to refine and edit on the go and know exactly how it will change your overall word count total.

It does not matter what level you are at in your writing career. Word counting matters!

Who is Using Word Counters

1. Professional Publishers

When you make it to the big leagues and start to actually get paid for your writing, you are able to work with publishers and charge your clients on a per word basis. But time is money when it comes to your career and your value, so it is always handy to have a word counting tool do this for you.

Plus, you know that the publishers will equally be using a word counting tool to check your work. So make sure you check first so you know exactly what your publishers will be getting as a result too.

2. Budding Writers

Those who have big aspirations about a career in writing will also find word counting tools extremely helpful. Not only will it set a goal for you of articulating your point in a certain word count, but it will encourage you to expand and grow your vocabulary as well.

Some of the best writers out there all agree that challenging yourself to write within certain word limits daily will grow your writing skills and your proficiency skills.

And this applies largely to students too. If you have a school assignment and need to make sure that your assignment is going to meet your teacher’s requirements, the word counting tools will be hugely beneficial to you too and ensure you get the highest grade possible.

Best Ways to Word Count

So what method should you use to count your words? There are so many different tools that have proven their success for writers of all levels. Best of all, no matter which of these you choose to use, they are free of charge to you. Meaning that there is really no excuse to not start using these tools on a daily basis.

Source One: The Document Tool

Did you know that your word document likely already has a word counting tool incorporated into it? This means that you really only need to reference the bottom left-hand corner of your document to track your word count as you type.

If this tool is not already showing, then you simply have to go to the tools option on the top hand of your word document and scroll down to select the word count option. You can easily interchange this to a character count as well.

Source Two: The Pro Level Up

While the basic word document option is great, there is an extra level up that you can use if you are writing for professional purposes. What this tool does is allow you to track how many words you write per minute or hour, enabling you to create your quotes and invoices much easier. Plus it will help you track your progress in refining and enhancing your writing skills.

Source Three: The Online Tool

But the best source of all, in our opinion, is the online word counter tool. This is because not only does it check your word count and character count, but it equally checks the repetition of certain keywords, looks out for grammatical errors, ensures there is no plagiarism and maximizes the SEO potential of your writing.

By simply being able to copy and paste your writing into this online tool and get all those results instantly, you will be able to confidently publish any of your writing online knowing that you have done everything you can to ensure its success and engagement with your online audience and overall SEO results.


So with so many great sources to count your words on, there should be nothing stopping you from making this a routine habit!

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