How To Embrace Travel As Self Care When Getting Anywhere Costs So Much

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Travel

Self-care looks different for everyone. For some, it’s lighting a scented candle, putting on a face mask and soaking in the bathtub.. For others, it’s making time to see friends and sharing fun experiences. Still others find the best form of self-care is getting a complete change of scenery.Indeed, travel is an increasingly popular way to unplug and destress. Going on a trip forces you to break up the monotony of everyday life, take in new surroundings, live in the moment and broaden your horizons to develop a fresh perspective. AdvertisementBut unlike long walks or quality conversations with friends, travel tends to cost money. And with rising inflation and high gas prices, taking a trip is getting more expensive.That doesn’t mean a restorative vacation is totally off the table, however. Below, travel experts share their advice for embracing the self care of travel without breaking the bank. Sign up for loyalty programs.“One way to save money on your travel bookings is to join loyalty programs for the businesses you prefer to use,” said Katie McIntosh, the travel blogger behind The Katie Show.AdvertisementNext time you book a flight or hotel room, make sure you have an account with the airline, hotel chain or third-party platform you’re using to make your reservation. That way you’ll earn points on your spending that you can cash in for discounted rates later on. You’ll also be notified of upcoming sales and other deals.“For example, in the Genius loyalty program by, you can receive bonus discounts on selected accommodation ― sometimes up to 15%, and some hotels also offer free room upgrades,” McIntosh said. Be flexible on timing and location.Flexibility is key when it comes to finding affordable travel options. Budgeting expert Andrea Woroch advised being open to a variety of times and locations for your next trip.Advertisement“Going midweek will offer a break on accommodations and airfare since these are slower days for travel,” she said. “You should also look for destinations offering sales or during off-peak windows to find sales. I’m also a fan of setting airfare sale alerts from your home airport using sites like Scott’s Cheap Flights to see what types of deals pop up and then plan a trip based on the destination offering a sale rather than trying to plan it the other way around.”Woroch similarly recommended tracking hotel prices using sites like Hopper or Trivago.Look into your credit card point options.“Start turning your everyday purchases into the points or miles needed to help fun your next getaway,” said Summer Hull, director of travel content at The Points Guy.Many of us have credit cards but aren’t using the points we earn to our advantage. While trading in points for cash might seem appealing, this option often gives you a much worse per-point value than redeeming them for hotels or airfare.“You don’t have to become an all-in points aficionado in order to …

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