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by | Mar 3, 2022 | Financial

While the cloud offers great promise to healthcare organizations, understanding the complex economics of various types of cloud deployments will be a critical success factor.There are also operational costs that must be considered, as organizations will be paying cloud providers for everything they do in the cloud.
This could include paying for virtual machines, the compute side of the workloads, as well as charges for how many CPUs the organization is going to have and how much memory it is consuming.
As cloud economist Joseph Williams, Seattle Director for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will explain in an upcoming HIMSS22 Digital session, organizations must architect their programs differently and optimize the costs of a multi-cloud strategy.
For example, if you’re looking to avoid paying for storage in the cloud by storing data offline, you may incur I/O charges for moving the data back up to the cloud to run it and for moving the data out of the cloud back onto site after it has been run.
“It could be that those I/O charges exceed the storage costs,” Williams said. “So you have to deal with that interplay to figure out what the best strategy is.”
Williams noted the end goal of cloud computing in healthcare should always be improvement of patient outcomes.
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