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Nearly half of U.S. employees are actively seeking or considering looking for a better-paying job — some even looking for new roles that are outside of their current field. For job seekers who want a starting hourly salary of $20 or more in their next position, there are plenty of options.
Here are 20 possible jobs that pay $20 an hour or more in 2022.

20 Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour or More
Listed below are numerous jobs in various industries with a starting salary of at least $20 an hour — a figure which equates to $41,600 a year.  Each job’s estimated gross monthly salary is also included.

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Multimedia Designer
Hourly: $20.29
Monthly: $3,246
Multimedia designers are professional content creators who use their abilities in animation, graphic design and other audio-visual skills to generate content such as videos, advertisements and interactive entertainment that can impact an audience.
Full Charge Bookkeeper
Hourly: $21.08
Monthly: $3,373
Commonly working in small or midsize businesses, a full charge bookkeeper takes care of all the accounting needs for their company. They perform tasks like keeping track of the business’s ledger, bank accounts and revenues, as well as preparing financial statements and tax returns and so much more. 
Heavy/Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver
Hourly: $23.23
Monthly: $3,717
Truck drivers have the straightforward task of transporting large quantities of goods or resources from one place to another. However, they must endure routes that span thousands of miles and long lengths of time traveling. The job requires a commercial driver’s license and there are several certifications that drivers can earn to improve their reputation and qualification for work in the future.
Hourly: $21.01
Monthly: $3,362
As their title suggests, writers create textual content for various forms of media, whether as scripts for creative production, as content for advertising and digital marketing, or as articles for news outlets and other important publications. Like multimedia designers, writers must be versatile but can thus work in a variety of fields. 

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Hourly: $21.40
Monthly: $3,424
Carpenters construct and fix various areas around homes and other structures. They work with clients in planning various improvement projects and use their construction skills to build or install all kinds of features.
Interior Designer
Hourly: $21.54
Monthly: $3,446
Interior designers assist clients with renovating or redesigning various rooms and spaces, usually in their homes but in other buildings as well. Their job is to learn client needs and preferences; research colors, lighting elements and other features; and plan possible designs that fit the prospe …

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