5 Skincare Trends in 2022 You Have to Know

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Health Featured

The pandemic made people overly conscious about their health, resulting in a significant shift in society’s perception of personal care over the last two years. This mentality penetrates people’s lifestyles, including food, exercise, and skincare regimes. Hence, a boost in content aimed to inform and educate people about proper skincare products and routines.

Different trends were introduced over the past years. Some stayed while others disappeared through time, from organic products and DIY self-care kits to complicated skincare routines. Finally, the year 2022 has come. Here is a list of skincare trends you have to watch out for:

  1. Skin minimalism

Most people started to realize that when it comes to skincare, less is more. Skin minimalism encourages people to opt for a more straightforward and essential skincare routine rather than complex and lengthy ones. This trend involves one-time procedures like SmoothGlo laser treatments  to heal your skin permanently and avoid unnecessary stress. Make sure you avail of these treatment only from trusted healthcare providers.

  1. Gender-neutral skincare

Gender neutrality makes the world more inclusive for everyone, regardless of gender. It also has a significant impact on the world of beauty and skincare. For instance, companies are now making more products that cater to men’s styles and needs. It is a massive step in destroying the stigma that men can’t care for their skin or wear makeup.

  1. Eco-friendly packaging

This trend is anchored to the campaign to protect and save nature since current research shows that skincare products are one of the major contributors to plastic pollution. This prompted brands to start making refillable products and compostable packaging. This beauty trend is a good step towards achieving a sustainable environment.

  1. Anti-pollution skincare

Aside from the harmful effects of UV exposure, people are now aware of the adverse effects of water and air pollution — the primary cause of skin outbreaks and irritations. As a result, beauty experts and manufacturers have started focusing on creating products that can help cleanse your skin from different pollutants. As a bonus of this trend, people modify their lifestyles and eliminate practices that can worsen pollution.

  1. Going makeup-free

Makeup has become an integral part of people’s everyday routine. People wear it because of different reasons. Some may say it is an artistic expression of themselves, while some use it to boost their confidence. Sometimes, it is used as an instrument to be prettier and more presentable. While these reasons are valid, it is also important to let your skin breathe by going makeup-free. This trend boosts the self-esteem of many people since it promotes natural beauty and a love for blemished skin. In addition, many people embrace this trend because it takes zero effort to do it.

It is easy to be drowned by the overwhelming skincare and beauty trends this year. You can explore and try things out but remember that the best skincare is the one that fits your routine, lifestyle, and skin type. Educate yourself first before trying, and be patient with yourself if you fail to achieve your desired results.

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