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by | Apr 29, 2022 | Education

Good morning. It’s Friday. We’ll look at an education panel that blocked New York City’s plan for allocating $10.5 billion in school funding. We’ll also look at the prospects for a raise for a small but important group of lawyers who haven’t had one since 2004.It would cause “the whole system to blow up,” said David Banks, the schools chancellor.He was referring to an unexpected show of independence by the Panel for Education Policy, the governing body for the city’s public schools. On Wednesday the panel refused to approve Banks’s formula for allocating $10.5 billion in school funding and determining how much money each school should receive.In the years since City Hall took control of the school system, the panel had largely rubber-stamped successive mayors’ policies. But twice in the last two months, the panel has balked at proposals from Mayor Eric Adams’s administration — a hint that the panel could become an obstacle as Adams pursues his education agenda.The vote on the way the funds are to be divided up has implications for how public schools across the city prepare for the next school year, because a formula must be approved before the $10.5 billion in state and local funding can be distributed to roughly 1,500 schools. Nathaniel Styer, a spokesman for the education department, said the vote “will potentially delay school budgets and preparations” for 2022-23.The vote against the formula was discomfiting for City Hall, coming at a time when Adams is fighting to keep mayoral control of the nation’s largest school system. He made a plea to state legislators — who will decide whether to renew it — during his State of the City address on Tuesday, saying “give us accountability.” The Legislature could demand concessions.The panel was somewhat late in beginnin …

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