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by | Apr 20, 2022 | Climate Change

CHICAGO (WLS) — Earth Week runs from April 16 through April 22, Earth Day.It’s historically celebrated to learn more about the environment and the harmful effects of climate change.All week, ABC7 and Disney Planet Possible are supporting a healthier planet for people and wildlife around the world.But what about closer to home? Several Chicagoans have concerns about climate change and he affects on our area.Larry Mowry answers some people’s most burning questions.Question: I definitely want to know more about climate change and the biggest changes that are to come within maybe the next 10 years and how it will affect me, as well as everybody else in the city. – Adriana Rodriguez Answer: We have already started to see our season change to some degree. Every 10 years, we get a new set of climate normals for Chicago.The most recent data came out in 2021. It shows every season has seen temperatures rise. Most of that rise is because of warmer nights, not warmer days.We’ve also seen an increase in precipitation including more snow in the latest 30-year period compared to the previous data set.So what we anticipate for winters, are milder temperatures, but more precipitation. That could be in the form of more rain or more snow.RELATED: Lansing woman works to diversify the environmental conservation fieldQuestion: Can what happened in the movie ” …

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