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by | Apr 11, 2022 | Climate Change

Over the last several months or longer, if one were to peruse any one of California’s most read newspapers, the one topic that would most certainly be referenced at least once each and every day would be the (and excuse the expression here) hot topic of Climate Change. Go ahead and try it.  Navigate to the online search function of the LA Times, or the San Francisco Examiner, or the San Jose Mercury-News and enter the key phrase “Climate Change.”  Go back as far as you like……………. See? Every day.
Whether it be news stories or editorials, which of course are at times difficult to distinguish between, on the California drought, or wild fires, or escalating gas prices, or sea rise, or rolling blackouts, or tropical storms, or grape harvest yields and winemaking, or barley harvest yields and beer making, or the ski industry, or animal species endangerment, or beekeeping, or seasonal allergies, or the war in Ukraine, or systemic racism, or homelessness, or bad hair days, the subject of climate change is bound to make an appearance.
And in just about every reference to Climate Change or Global Warming, the cause and ultimate remedy directs us to the …

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