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by | Apr 18, 2022 | Financial

Those who have ever tried to track anything from a wild animal to a human being to a group of human beings through a wilderness environment know… that the environment itself as well as luck and the skill of those being tracked matter as much as the skill of the tracker. What matters? What does not? What looks more like coincidence? Keep it simple, stupid. You keep telling yourself. Too fresh? Too wet? Too dry? For those who love the thrill of playing oddsmaker without consequence, a Goldman Sachs research paper placed the odds of domestic economic contraction at 35% over the weekend as the Fed tries to steer monetary policy through the current period of high inflation/elevated demand despite the excessively liquid/poorly supplied environment. Must be nice to be able to say down the road, that you had either called a recession or put “minority” odds upon the occurrence of economic contraction, thus claiming victory regardless of outcome. Useless, but thanks. Digging In a Bit The Federal Reserve Act mandates that the central bank conduct policy “so as to promote” maximum sustainable employment and stable prices. I have no idea if an official unemployment rate of 3.6% illustrates something close to “full employment”. From a labor ma …

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