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by | Apr 15, 2022 | Jobs

Sabrina Hill knew this email was the final straw.By the end of 2021, the message from her human resources department informed her, she would be required to return to her office full time. No exceptions.It was late August, and Ms. Hill, who lives in Seattle, was newly divorced and had primary custody of two children still attending school virtually. The flexibility of remote work had become a pandemic lifeline that she wasn’t willing to give up.“I never wanted to go back to being bound to having to be in an office, especially as a data professional, where all my work is on the computer,” said Ms. Hill, 47, who was a hospital data analyst at the time. “It was illogical,” she said of the return-to-office rule, “but they were just so rigid about it.”She began her job search that same week, determined to find a company willing to give her both the freedom to control her own schedule — and a significant pay increase. Within a month, she secured a fully remote job as a senior data analyst with $20,000 more in base salary, unlimited paid time off plus stock options.“I really just said to myself, ‘Stop playing small, and apply for jobs that will pay you the money that you want,’” Ms. Hill said.Her timing couldn’t have been better. Companies advertising remote work opportuniti …

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