LAO Series: Climate Change Impacts Across California – Legislative Analyst’s Office

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Climate Change

This series of six reports is intended to help policymakers think about how climate change will impact various sectors and, consequently, what key corresponding policy and fiscal issues the Legislature will face in the coming years. They are intended as framing documents to help the Legislature adopt a “climate lens” across policy areas. See the Executive Summary below for more.

The Impacts of Climate Change Are Widespread
California Is Already Experiencing the Impacts of Climate Change. While some of the most severe signs of a changing climate are not predicted to affect California until the coming decades, certain impacts are already occurring. At the statewide level, in 2021, California experienced its hottest average summer temperatures, its second largest wildfire, and its third driest year (based on precipitation) on record. Scientists tell us these types of extreme events and weather will become increasingly prevalent in the coming years as the climate continues to change.
Climate Change Impacts Cut Across Different Sectors. Because it involves changes to natural processes, climate change often is thought of as an “environmental” issue by the media and public. In many ways thus far, California’s state government also has used this lens to address climate change issues. For example, many of the climate change response activities that th …

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