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by | Apr 25, 2022 | Energy

The following is a contributed article by Nicole Hughes, executive director of Renewable Northwest.

Energy market governance is a hot topic in the West these days. The term causes many to roll their eyes and think of images of lawyers hashing it out over commas and semicolons in operating agreements. For others, myself included, the term signifies that an issue has reached a crucial point where formal discussions regarding decision-making processes are necessary.
We have officially achieved this point in the Northwest where utilities, state agencies and other stakeholders are discussing what the most appropriate governance structure for a regional energy market in the West should look like. The first entity to take on the challenge of coming to a “regional agreement” on governance was the Western Power Pool related to their newly formed Western Resource Adequacy Program (WRAP). The WRAP has a proposed governance structure that will be formally filed with FERC for approval in June.

While not officially endorsed by FERC yet, the committees envisioned in the proposed governance structure have been created and are meeting regularly. These committees include: a members committee (resource adequacy participants committee, or RAPC), a sector-ba …

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