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by | Apr 19, 2022 | Energy

Stopping the dire pace and consequences of climate change requires a diverse range of climate technologies across multiple fronts, and alternative energies play an essential role. However, changing the way the world generates and consumes energy is just one of many formidable challenges. Scaling alternative energy solutions and achieving profitability are two more, especially important for venture-backed companies.
We want to explore the complexities of those challenges, which is why we’re excited to announce that Caroline Cochran, co-founder and COO of Oklo, and Suleman Khan, CEO at Swell Energy will join us onstage at TC Sessions: Climate 2022 (presented by Extreme Tech Challenge) on June 14 in Berkeley, California.
The two startups focus on very different alternative energies. Oklo builds micro-nuclear reactors designed to power college campuses, industrial sites, large companies and remote locations. In an industry-changing twist, Oklo’s tiny reactors run on nuclear waste. Two years ago, the Idaho National Laboratory gave Oklo access to recovered spent nuclear fuel to develop the startup’s advanced fission technology. The company aims to deploy a suite of its micro-reactors starting in 2025.
Swell Energy, a renewable energy and advanced grid services company, specializes in smart home energy systems (e.g. battery-based energy storage) and virtual power plants. Last year, it partnered with Nuvve, a global clean-tech company, to offer residential customers comprehensive home energy systems by combining battery storage, solar and smart EV charging.
During this panel discussion, we’ll ask Cochran and Kahn for their respecitve takes on the remaining challenges to scaling alternative energy solutions and building healthy businesses amid growing complexities. Given that individual consumers and private enterprises have different clean-sourcing demands, we’ll dig into whether the energy market is or isn’t changing fast enough to meet those varied needs a …

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