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by | Apr 9, 2022 | Financial

Some Rainbow Family members tied the knot at the Routt County Rainbow Gathering in 2006. They also had to have pumped some money into the local economy, says columnist Patrick Brower.Sandra Salvas/Courtesy Photo

There’s a business angle to the imminent return of the Rainbow Family of Living Light to Grand County this summer.Press reports and hearsay are stating that the Family is planning a 50-year reunion of its first gathering in Grand County, which took place in June and July of 1972. That gathering, which has also become known as the “Strawberry Festival” because much of it took place at Strawberry Bench, has achieved the status of near mythical folklore among the legends of Grand County’s past.And now the Rainbow Family is coming back. As they say, past is prelude.The gathering was resonant all over the state and the region. Remember, 1972 was a year that some would say was the peak of the Hippie Era in America. Yes, the sixties are known as the Hippie Decade, but it was the early seventies when hippie-dom in all its counter-cultural splendor really consumed the American consciousness.Based on the press reaction and coverage I’ve seen this week, it still consumes the American and regional consciousness. The forest service is worried about permitting, local government is worried about the big crowds (if they even arrive in large numbers) and the world in general is freaked out, to coin a phrase from that era.This pre-event freak-out isn’t dissimilar to what happened here 50 years ago.The festival back then was billed as a Gathering of Peace, where the event-goers would participate in a 4,000-year-old peace dance (based on Native American traditions) with the spirits of the dead, all to be fulfilled at Lake Granby, coined as the “Center of the Universe.” A crowd would “omm” in unison at the given sunrise moment, and world peace would be enhanced.At least that was the idea.I get the impression that it was mostly a good-spirited and well-intentioned gathering that was all about peace, love and understanding. But the fear and anxiety news of the gathering t …

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