Top 6 Online Games To Play In Your Spare Time

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Entertainment Feature

What do you do to spend your spare time?

Play outdoor games with your friends, and decorate your room and others. But we all know what is the best way to spend our spare time. Yes, we are talking about indoor games like PC games, video games, etc.

Playing online games helps you stay connected with your friends without going outside. Also, it is one of the best ways to spend your time. The most common question that remains is which games you need to choose.

We are here to help you out with that and provide some of the best online gaming options that you can play in your spare time. So, make sure to go through the list and try them out once.

6 Best Online Games To Play In Spare Time

If you are reading this article, it means you want to find out what are the best online games that you want to play in your spare time. So, we are here with some of the best options that you can take a look at and learn the details.

1.    Call Of Duty

One of the most common games you need to play in your spare time is COD. It is one of the oldest yet most engaging online games. The best thing about this game is the multiplayer mode. You can join the multiplayer battles and play with your friends.

The breathtaking face-to-face battles with different guns, strategies, and tactics will just wash away your time. You will have one of the best times playing this game. If you are bored with playing Google Pacman, try out this game.

2.    Valorant

Similar to COD, this one is also an RPG PVP game that is popular for gameplay, guns, abilities, characters, and more. Yes, you heard it right! However, unlike the COD, you will be able to get many characters with unique abilities available in this game.

Apart from that, gun skins, online chat, strategies, different maps, and many other things make the game a very good option. If you like to play PVP games, make sure to try out this game with your friends. It will surely need some practice to play like a pro, but the game is fun and addictive.

3.    Among Us

Apart from Google games, there are some other options available that you can choose to spend your spare time on. Among all the other games, Among Us is one of the best games you can play in your spare time.

It was released during the lockdown last year and surely became a favorite of many players. The game might seem easy to play, but you will need a lot of practice to hold the first place. So, make sure to try it once to find out all the game details.

4.    Sky: Children Of Light

Want to go on an adventure with your friends?

If you are unable to do so in real life, this is the best game to have that experience. The sky is a very different type of game than all the others on this list. You will be able to have an experience that you might have never had.

It is an open-world adventure game where you can roam around and explore the kingdom. The game won an award for the concept, gameplay, and graphics. The game is filled with customization options that make the cute characters more lively. If you like to take an adventure, make sure to play this game.

5.    Pro Evolution Soccer

Another very common game that I have seen people play in their spare time. The name of this game is PES or Pro Evolution Soccer. Again, there are mobile and PC versions available that gamers can try.

As the name suggests, the game is soccer or football. You can play against your friends and challenge them with your unique team. PES lets you make your team with special and fav players. Based on their abilities, you can assign them to positions, choose a strategy, gaming style, and others.

Try it out on your device to find out how good this game is and the details about the gameplay.

6.    Pokemon Go

If you have played Google Gravity enough and are now looking for other options, Pokemon Go might be the perfect option. Among all the other games on this list, this one is entirely different. You do not have to fight with your friend all the time. Instead, you can go on an adventure to collect the maximum number of pokemon.

You can fight with your friends or rivals at the gym. Team up with your friends to take over gyms and territories. It is one of the fun games that sure takes away a lot of your time and device battery. While playing this game, make sure to take care of the surroundings.


There are plenty of games available that you can play in your spare time. Here are some of them mentioned above with details. Make sure to go through the details and play the games to spend your spare time. Most of these games are very fun to play with friends. So, share this article with your friends as well to let them know about these games.

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