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by | May 3, 2022 | Education

Disruption. That’s the best way to describe the changes in education during the pandemic. As a result, preschool, K-12 and colleges and university learning has changed.

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Learning hasn’t always changed for the better, either. Consider start-stop schooling and under-preparation for academic life. Yet like so many other disrupted industries, the education market is leveraging this recent rough patch as an opportunity for inspiration. Today, technological and scientific innovations are poised to undo learning’s recent interruptions and carve an exciting path forward.Below are some of the most important future-forward inventions and practices redefining and revitalizing education.1. An upgrade of how to assess student understanding.For generations, schools have relied upon high-stakes testing to evaluate learners. Yet as research from Instructure, the makers of Canvas, shows, high-stakes tests may be doing more harm than good. This is especially true during times of anxiety, such as during Covid. According to Instructure, 77% of students and 63% of teachers experience stress around high stakes tests.The answer isn’t to eliminate testing, of course. However, educators and administrators are becoming more open to alternatives to summative assessments. For instance, some schools are moving toward testing more frequently rather than waiting long periods between tests. These interim, formative assessments are designed to identify learning gaps quickly. Such gaps can then be bridged quickly, ensuring that students have the best chance of getting up to speed on subjects.How popular are these newer types of real-time assessment vehicles? Instructure found that 94% of teachers lean on formative assessments. Eight-one percent appreciate interim ones. In other words, more testing seems to be working for both educators and learners. This is a huge shift in perspective from the days when education institutions viewed massive tests as the primary way to gauge student excellence.2. More commitment to teaching STEM subjects in creative ways.One of the biggest challenges teachers faced when moving to online learnin …

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