A Nobel Prize in Economics for Joe Manchin – The Wall Street Journal

by | May 30, 2022 | Financial

In “Durham, Disinformation and 2024” (Business World, May 25), Holman Jenkins, Jr., warns us that the disinformation issued by 50 former intelligence officials should “horrify any American,” particularly since their coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story may have influenced the 2020 election. It should be recognized, however, that such shameless use of one’s expert reputation is not limited to former government officials.
Consider a recent example from academia: In September 2021, 17 winners of the Nobel Prize in economics issued an open letter in support of the massive, $4 trillion to $5 trillion Build Back Better bill, claiming that it would lower inflation in the long run. Just imagine what our current short-run inflation problems would be if this bill had been enacted. Fortunately, it did not get through the Senate because of the opposition of West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

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