Best Paying Nursing Jobs in Dover, Delaware

by | May 30, 2022 | Jobs Featured

Pursuing a career in nursing can be challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding. If you’re interested in a life in the medical profession, there are plenty of high-paying opportunities in Dover, Delaware. To thrive in the world of nursing, you need to have the right attitude, and skills and be committed to helping others. If this sounds like you, nursing could be the ideal choice. As a nurse in Dover, Delaware, you can expect a great deal of job satisfaction and a decent salary.

Before you apply for any of the best-paying nursing jobs in Dover, Delaware, update your resume. Your resume should include any relevant skills, qualifications, and employment experience that make you the perfect candidate for a nursing position.

Learn from resume examples to create a unique resume that highlights all of your key attributes. Your resume should be organized and emphasize keywords to make it easier for potential employers to identify your strengths and consider you for the role.

The Best-paying Nursing Jobs in Dover, Delaware

The best-paying jobs within the nursing sector are specialist jobs that require additional training and experience. These include nursing jobs on particular wards that help treat complex conditions. Here are a few annual salaries for some of the best-paying nursing jobs in Dover:

  • Anesthesia nurse: $180K
  • Infusion RN: $98 – $125K
  • RN women’s health: $53 – $107K
  • Hospice Director: $90 – $100K
  • Clinical trials assistant: $82 – $104K
  • Physical therapist nurse: $94,630
  • Dental hygienist nurse: $79,340

You can also work your way up to more senior positions within nursing that offer a higher wage. Additional responsibilities could include managing other employees and coordinating daily operations. Beyond the initial registered nurse (RN) training, there is additional graduate education that you can take. Having a higher level of nursing education and a higher level of responsibility can boost your wage significantly. Here are a few of the annual salaries for positions that can help you launch your nursing career:

  • Pharmacy technician: $32,090
  • Registered nurse: $70,000
  • Nurse practitioner: $117,830
  • Senior nurse manager: $86 – $110K

To reach the higher-paid jobs, you might need to start on a lower wage and work your way up by acquiring more training and experience. The average salary for a registered nurse is $70,000 in Dover, Delaware. This is significantly less than some of the best-paying nursing jobs.

However, all of these salaries are approximations and they could shift depending on how much experience you bring to the role or how many hours you are willing to work. If you already possess the relevant qualifications, you could expect to earn a top wage from the outset in your nursing job.

Tips for Securing a Best-paying Nursing Job in Dover, Delaware

To increase your chances of an employer offering you one of the best-paying nursing jobs in Dover, Delaware, follow these simple tips.

Research job openings.

Stay informed about the latest nursing job opportunities in the Dover area by frequently checking online listings. If you have any contacts within the nursing sector, reach out to stay updated about any nursing openings in your surrounding area.

Build your experience.

Always read job descriptions closely to understand exactly what the role entails. If you feel passionate about a role but don’t currently possess the necessary skills or experience, seek opportunities to volunteer, study, or train for a new nursing job. The more experience you have under your belt, the more employable you are and the higher the wage you can expect.

Update your resume.

It’s vital to communicate to potential employers why they should hire you over all the other applicants. Create a resume that is tailored toward the job description so that it avoids being generic and uninspiring.

Job descriptions will often feature keywords that your resume should include. This will instantly draw the attention of its reader and make you stand out as a qualified candidate.

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