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by | May 24, 2022 | Jobs

“Preachin’ and a cryin’, tell me that I’m lyin’ about a job That I never could find.”— The SilhouettesIt’s time for politicians, who’ve never been known not to turn a talking point into a cliche, and would-be citizen reformers to find another dead horse to beat.

From the tiniest communities in this state and country to the seats of power in capital cities like Atlanta and Washington, D.C., would-be office-holders who are seeking favor from the people who would put them in office — and in line to collect all that PAC influence money — and government employees who are paid to perpetuate the programs of poverty at some point make a show of promising to solve societal ills by “looking for more good-paying jobs.”Which is absolute bull.Not that seeking businesses to locate and bring their millions into a community isn’t a worthwhile quest. But these people who tell us “jobs are our No. 1 priority” are merely blowing smoke. Why do a little homework, they apparently think, when cliches do just fine?This is among the tidbits Georgia Chamber President/CEO Chris Clark pointed out at the recent New Georgia Economy summit at Albany State University: For every unemployed Georgian, there are now three jobs available.Wait a minute, you cliche — and BS — spreaders quickly chime in, anxious not to lose one of those easy talking points that stir up the electorate. Sure, there are three jobs open for every unemployed Georgian, but a lot of those unemployed Georgians are not capable of filling these jobs. They don’t have the training or education.

To whic …

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