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Build Your Economics Foundation

From the best way to build your savings account to the complex interactions of global
trade policies and markets, the study of economics helps us understand how people
and organizations make choices and how those choices shape our world.

Combining classical economics with a cutting-edge, 21st century business core, the
Ferris Economics degree program will provide you with the tools to untangle those
choices and behaviors, analyze the structures and forces that produce them, and apply
your analysis and understanding in a career where you can make an impact on the world.

With your Economics bachelor’s degree, you will be ready for a career as a leader
in business, finance, law, public policy, and an extremely wide range of other fields.

Program Details


Key Courses

Careers in Economics

You will find economics majors in leadership positions in practically every field.
Your economics education has applications across a wide range of industries, which
means you can pursue a career in any area you’re passionate about.

Think there’s a better way to do healthcare in the United States? An economics degree
from Ferris will position you to change things. Looking to make your name in the stock
market and investing? Your Ferris economics degree with give you the edge.

From the largest corporations and government entities to the smallest start-ups and
non-profit organizations, your Bachelor’s of Science in Economics will position you
to build a meaningful and impactful career in areas such as:

Market Research AnalystMedian Salary: $63,790

Accountant or AuditorMedian Salary: $71,550

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