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by | May 24, 2022 | Education

Governor Mark Gordon’s Reimagining and Innovating the Delivery of Education (RIDE) advisory group has released a report on a survey it conducted on Wyoming residents.The survey included 7,705 Wyoming residents, over 50%, or 4,030, of which were parents, 2,624 were school district employees, 1,829 were concerned citizens, and the rest were split between groups like current students, former students, and retired educators.Throughout the survey, people were asked various questions about the state of the education system in Wyoming, and what areas could be improved upon.One of the questions asked, “Do you feel that the current way we educate children prepares them for the future,” 58.6% of respondents answered no.The yes and no groups were then split between what their top 10 education priorities were, with learning outcomes and expectations at 28.5% for the yes group and 44.3% for the no group.Another topic, pay, funding, money, costs, came in at 7% for yes and 9.2% for no, for which the survey also included an excerpt from one of the respondents, who said:”Our educators do a phenomenal job given the diminished resources and declining number of educators. What would benefit our education system is diversification of our economy to fully fund education in Wyoming, not cut corners by cutting costs and then expecting better student achievement results. O …

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