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by | May 24, 2022 | Energy

High inflation is weighing on the U.S. economy and raising the risk of a recession. Here’s how energy and housing markets are being affected.

This is a fragile moment for the U.S. economy. Now, maybe you haven’t been tracking every headline on inflation or whether a recession is coming, but chances are you’ve felt it in your everyday life. So many of us are feeling the rise and rise of the cost of gas and groceries. Here’s Kim Boader, who we caught filling up her tank in Harlem.
KIM BOADER: It’s disgusting. Like, people have to really decide on whether to buy food or to buy gas to get to work to get to the food. It’s really ridiculous.
KELLY: What’s interesting is that many people feel anxious even though the job market is strong. Here’s Shannon Carr, who runs a nonprofit that helps needy families in Cincinnati.
SHANNON CARR: We used to just feed homeless people. We’re taking meals to families now with children, the working poor, because people are having to choose between healthy food and, you know, things that they can afford.
KELLY: And an …

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