How to Fight Arthritis Pain: 5 Important Tips

by | May 25, 2022 | Health Featured

Arthritis is a common problem, especially amongst those over 40 or with athletic history. It can make it difficult to live and maintain an active lifestyle, and can be quite demoralizing or debilitating for some. While there is not a way to completely remove arthritis, there are a number of ways to treat it, and specifically, fight arthritis pain. A struggle with arthritis does not have to be hopeless, and the ways to combat the associated pain are numbers, here are 5 important tips to fighting arthritis pain.

1. Use Topical Treatment

One of the first, and easiest ways to combat arthritis pain is to utilize a topical pain treatment. Simply, taking Ibuprofen every day to combat your arthritis pain is not sustainable, is bad for your gut and your liver, and can have negative affects in the long run. A topical treatment is a much more sustainable, targeted approach that keeps your body functioning well.

Hempvana is a great place to look for an arthritis treatment. Their pain relief cream contains a high concentration of trolamine salicylate, which treats inflammation and joint pain in a similar way that aspirin does. Their trolamin salicylate treatment is combined with hemp to help moisturize your skin where you apply the topical, as well as to make absorption more effective. Check out Hempvana reviews for more information and evidence.

2. Avoid Joint Strain

Next, you want to avoid straining the joints afflicted with arthritis, and there are a number of ways to do this. Primarily, you need to focus on your physical health. First and foremost, your weight can have an effect on joint strain. Those who are extremely overweight may find that they are putting more pressure on their joints. For this reason, one of the best ways to combat arthritis pain is to find ways to obtain and support a healthy weight. When you do so, you alleviate pressure on your joints, slow arthritis progression, and lower pain.

In addition to weight strain on joints, muscle weakness can also lead to arthritis pain. The stronger your muscles, the less your joints have to do the heavy lifting. Spending time strengthening the muscles surrounding the arthritis-afflicted region—whether through focused exercise, or low-impact training—can help significantly slow arthritis worsening, as well as greatly alleviate pain in your day-to-day activities.

3. Reduce Inflammation

What is important to remember in regards to arthritis is that you are not just fighting pain. While pain is the primary inconvenience, the cause of the pain is inflammation. Thus, you need to focus on fighting inflammation just as much, if not more.

There are a number of ways to reduce inflammation. One of these ways is to exercise. Regular, low-impact exercise helps to reduce inflammation, and has the extra effect of strengthening your muscles and burning fat as well, helping with the last step’s tips.

Another way to reduce inflammation is through diet. Focus on maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet. You can find a number of these online, but you want to intentionally remove inflammatory foods, and replace them with anti-inflammatory foods. Foods like fish (which are high in Omega-3), nuts, rice, fruits, kale, peppers, and others construct a diverse diet with a number anti-inflammatory options. Even spices like turmeric and ginger serve as powerful anti-inflammatories that you can mix into your regular eating habits to help lessen the cause of arthritis pain.

Taking these steps to reduce inflammation can make the process of reducing pain more manageable.

4. Arthritis Does Not Go Away

Arthritis itself does not go away. This is not something to remember to demoralize you, it is something to remember to ensure you do not make it worse. If your arthritis symptoms go away for a time, wonderful! But this does not mean that you should stop taking steps to prevent and manage your joint inflammation.

Remember that when you form habits that help reduce your arthritis symptoms, you need to maintain these habits. This will not only help you keep your symptoms at a low, but will also help to ensure that your arthritis does not get significantly worse as you age.

5. It’s a Mental Game

While very physical, arthritis is also a mental game. You need to develop resistance to arthritis pain, as well as discipline to ensure that your ailment does not get worse. This means finding out what works for you and sticking to it. Be aware of your arthritis symptoms, but not laser focused on them. Find a mental balance to manage your arthritis.

While there are a number of ways to treat arthritis pain, with these five tips, you should be set on a good path towards managing your arthritis symptoms and pursuing a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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