Parallel Learning expands remote special education assessment and tutoring with $20M round – TechCrunch

by | May 24, 2022 | Education

If a kid is having trouble at school, one of the standard steps is to schedule an assessment for conditions like dyslexia, ADHD, or anything else that might require a special approach. But with teachers and psychologists overworked and in short supply, Parallel Learning is hoping that remote options can help get kids back on track with less delay, and has raised $20 million to expand its reach to new states.
The New York based company was started when it became clear that a new approach was needed in the assessment and therapy space. In past years, if a kid needed an assessment, they got it and then they got the tutoring or accommodation suggested.
But the numbers of kids qualifying for special education have increased in recent years, and districts have struggled to even keep up with the assessments, let alone the special teaching load this growing cohort needs. Parents may wait half a year before a kid can be given an official diagnosis or recommendation, and all that time they may be struggling to read, keep up in class, or relate to their peers. And that was before the pandemic, during which these same numbers, along with comorbidities like depression and anxiety, shot up even hig …

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