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by | May 4, 2022 | Education

More than two years after COVID-19 began to disrupt our lives and livelihoods, Texas is moving forward. Our state’s economy has come roaring back, and our thriving business climate continues to be an asset and point of pride. Our population also continues to grow, attracting talented individuals from across the nation and around the world.
Texas colleges and universities have mostly recovered from the impacts of the pandemic, which caused the most significant disruptions to their operations since World War II. Today, university enrollments are higher than in 2019.
Yet, most community college enrollments have remained down, especially because their enrollments tend to track closely with local labor markets. When unemployment goes up, more people tend to enroll in local colleges. When unemployment falls, community college enrollments usually drop.
While we’re fortunate our diverse economy and growing population have helped accelerate the pace of economic recovery for our great state, it’s important to acknowledge things haven’t really gotten back to our old normal, because we didn’t move backwards. Across the state, Texans kept moving forward, and the new …

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