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by | May 23, 2022 | Entertainment

The post-lockdown audience has clearly renewed its fascination for the reinterpretation of the hospitality and entertainment combination.Image provided by iStock.The explosion in entertainment development continues at a fast pace, with moves by some corporations towards a “digital/physical” strategy that incorporates social entertainment.The rise of social entertainment has been personified by the popularity of the hospitality-centric entertainment venues seen with Topgolf, Puttshack, FlightClub, Swingers and other brands.However, this new phase of entertainment experience is better described as “competitive socializing” — a term first coined in the U.K. as far back as 2015 and initially defining pubs incorporating a circus entertainment vibe, or bowling and food and beverage brands.It is a blending of a hospitality atmosphere and a re-imagining of conventional competitive entertainment.Food, beverages and bar gamesThe fundamentals consist of a food and beverage element with traditional competitive bar and tavern games such as darts, pool, shuffleboard, table tennis, bowling and amusements.The twist for the current adoption of competitive socializing is the inclusion of guests’ engagement, be it the use of tracked balls and scoring seen in the new generation of crazy golf properties such as with “Lucky Putt” from Creative Works, or the use of augmented reality projection technology in the “Smarts: Interactive Darts” platform, from 501 Entertainment.This goes much further than just adding cocktails and food snacks to a traditional bowling or golf experience.Competitive socializing is designed to appeal to the new sophisticated target audience, with a repeatable …

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