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by | May 23, 2022 | Jobs

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The labor market is as tight as it’s been in decades, with unemployment at only at 3.6% and millions more open jobs than there are workers to fill them. Retirements and the coronavirus pandemic have triggered a shortage of workers, and many Americans have begun to rethink what they want out of a job title. That said, some criteria remain the same: salary, work satisfaction and mobility.Glassdoor recently unveiled its 50 Best Jobs in America list, assessing the labor landscape in the U.S. to identify the most desirable positions. To compile its ranking, the employer review company weighed three factors equally: median annual base salary, overall job satisfaction rating and the number of jobs available during the past year. For a job to be considered, it must have received at least 100 salary reports and at least 100 job-satisfaction ratings within that span, and it must have had at least 2,000 job openings as of December 12, 2021.It may come as no surprise that tech jobs swept the list (occupying nearly half of the entries), given the field’s famously high salaries and work-from-home flexibility. But the rankings also cover a wide spectrum of fields, including real estate, human resources, health care, and more.Ready for a new opportunity? Read on for the 50 best jobs our country has to offer right now.

50. Customer success manager

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Median base salary: $73,702Job satisfaction: 4.0/5Job openings: 6,193Customer success managers — aka customer service folks — foster client relationships and support brand loyalty. Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree in business or technology.

49. Strategic account manager

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Median base salary: $88,071Job satisfaction: 4.0/5Job openings: 4,481Strategic account managers act as go-betweens for businesses and clients, establishing long-term relationships and finding solutions to complaints. They usually have a bachelor’s degree in sales or business administration.

48. Realtor

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Median base salary: $54,090Job satisfaction: 4.4/5Job openings: 12,298Realtors need to have working knowledge of the local housing market, a high school diploma (or equivalent), and certification in a real-estate training program or college courses in real estate.

47. Database architect

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