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by | May 5, 2022 | Jobs

(Image credit: Jason Goodman / Unsplash)The field of marketing is changing at a breakneck speed. Whereas marketing jobs were once about developing creative ad slogans to appear on television or in newspaper ads, today it is a highly complex and technology-driven field where data analysis tools and a sophisticated real-time understanding of audience behavior are expected norms.
What does that mean for the future of marketing jobs? 
Some things remain true: Even as audiences move increasingly into virtual spaces and what Deloitte calls “digital campfires,” marketers still need to focus primarily on establishing human connections.
The popularity of marketing in video games is one example. Coke recently decided to launch its new “pixel-flavored” limited edition cola in virtual form on a special island in the popular game Fortnite. But ultimately, its campaign had the same underlying principles as one in real life — a promotion that aimed to engage audiences and generate excitement.
To that end, marketers can be successful in their careers when they foster impactful relationships among their audiences as well as with their professional peers. They must also be ready to bring creative solutions for unexpected challenges arising within an industry that increasingly seeks to be lean, agile and seen as living within the moment.
Marketing jobs are about engagement
People have more options for ways to spend their time than ever before, and yet less time than ever to spare. Instinctively, they’ll seek out experiences that offer community, release and connection. 
The modern marketer’s job is to make that connection stick, emphasizes career marketer and mentor Kathrina Miranda of MiMA. Compared to a decade or so ago, marketers also have a narrower window in which to make their mark. 
“Back then marketing was this big umbrella,” where companies would “try to get everyone with one big marketing message, ” Miranda says, adding, “We’re all now trying to target the buyer persona of you. …

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